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Top Ten Tips for Wilsons Prom

Everyone wants to have an amazing holiday (and we want that for you too!). There are a few tips and tricks to help you have an awesome time in Prom Country.

Tip 1. Research, research, research - I'm amazed when people arrive here at Promhills to check in and say "so what's there to do here?", they have no idea where they've come or what might be available to them. My tip is to browse our Things to do page and get an idea of what is around. Everyone has their own preferences, likes and dislikes. There's no point in asking what to do on a Saturday afternoon and me suggesting a visit to Waratah Hills or Gurneys Cider if you don't drink alcohol. Or me suggesting a trip to Squeaky Beach and you despise sand, or me suggesting a walk up Mount Oberon at sunrise when you like to sleep in and hate walking - you get my drift - only you know what you like, so browse the activities before you get here (or tell me what you like so I can make appropriate suggestions).

Tip 2. Check the weather - I think Wilsons Prom is beautiful in any season and weather condition, providing you are prepared and dress appropriately. No matter what the weather is, there's always something to do. There's nothing worse than planning to walk to Sealers Cove and finding it will rain heavily that day (instead I suggest you head to Agnes Falls to see the waterfall in glorious full flow if we've had a lot of rain) or wanting to walk The Big Drift but the wind is howling and the sand will be blowing everywhere, instead I'd suggest Lilly Pilly Gully, which is more sheltered. Whatever the weather, Prom Country Touring Map might give you some ideas of where to explore if the weather is too hot, cold, wet or windy to be outdoors. So you can be prepared for whatever weather condition, Wind Guru will give you a detailed breakdown of temperature, rain, wind and wave height.

Tip 3. Make a reservation - If there is something you have your heart set on, be that dinner at Fish Creek Hotel or a trip with Wilsons Prom Cruises please please please book ahead! This area is very very busy from September to April (even more so through school holidays or long weekends), often people think they'll just book when they get here or the morning of only to find out it's been booked out for weeks and they're disappointed, so please if there's an activity you want to do, book it!

Tip 4. Plan your day(s) - Wilsons Prom is HUGE! (505 sq km or 195 sq miles - see the map here), there is no way you will see it all in one weekend, particularly when most is walking tracks. Have a look at the Wilsons Promontory Park Notes (a printed copy will be in your cabin when you get here) and plan your priorities. Do you want to hike? And if you do, do you want a long/short walk? Do you want to focus on seeing kangaroos, wombats and emu? Or do you want to see amazing views? Do you want to spend time at the beach? Do you want to see the wildflowers? Do you want to not walk much at all and just see the lookouts? Do you want to climb Mount Oberon? Do you want to watch the sunrise or sunset? And that's just INSIDE Wilsons Prom National Park! Outside of the National Park, there are plenty of other things to do: galleries, markets, foodie events, more beaches, quaint towns - our guests are often shocked at how much there is to see and do here, especially if they plan to also explore the nearby towns of Foster, Fish Creek, Sandy Point as well as The Prom and only have a few days to fit it all in.... Don't forget, there's also some lovely walks and beaches right here in Yanakie! You might be better off doing less per day but staying a day or two longer.

Tip 5. Know the seasons - Understand that summer, long weekends, Easter, Melbourne Cup, school holidays are very busy and everywhere is full with tourists. If you want to have Norman Beach to yourself, do not come during these times - instead come November or February/March when the weather is still warm enough for the beach but there's less people. Wildlife is also harder to spot when there's lots of people around (and the best time for wombat spotting is winter). If you want to see the wild flowers, don't come in Autumn, they bloom in early Spring. Aurora Australis is more often seen in autumn and winter. For photography, summer can be hazy - a crisp sunny winter's day is much better, and the fields are green then too (summer the grass dries out and the photographs aren't as vibrant). Whale watching season is May to July and September to December, no point trying to spot whales in February! (see the video of whales Angela filmed on 26 June at Cape Liptrap Lighthouse here:  But EVERYTHING is open in summer (because it's busy), so if you want to see all shops (view Shopping Guide) and attractions, then summer is for you, just be prepared to search for a parking spot and book well in advance for your accommodation, dining, and experiences.

Tip 6. Look at travel in time, not distance - Most of our guests come from cities or suburbia, they are used to traffic jams and traffic lights - realise that we don't have either of those here (the closest traffic light is in Leongatha - about 40 mins or 60km away). The speed zones are 80-100km/hr and you will most likely be travelling at close to this (unless you get stuck behind a tractor!). So when we suggest to go to Foster or Fish Creek for dinner, 20-25km away sounds far, but that will only take 15-20 minutes to drive (I am sure 15-20 minutes travel in the city for dinner reservations is reasonable isn't it?).

Tip 7. Ask a local - Yep, we live here. We do, see, experience the things you've come here for on a regular basis. We dine at the local restaurants, frequent the local art galleries, go to the local beaches, walk the tracks in Wilsons Prom. So do the owners of the Yanakie General Store, the Wilsons Prom Pizza Cafe, all the staff in the Fish Creek shops and Foster shops and any Parks Victoria staff you see in the national park - we're a friendly bunch, just ask someone if you have a question about the area, most of us love a good chat and are only happy to help you get the most out of your stay in Prom Country.

Tip 8. Be flexible - Sometimes it's windy, sometimes it's hot, sometimes its rainy. If you've planned to walk to Refuge Cove and it's 35 degrees, that's probably not such a great idea and you should rethink your plans. If you plan to lay on the beach and get a tan but it's cloudy, go for a walk or visit a local market instead. Also realise that some businesses close during quieter times - it's worth noting that Trulli Woodfired Pizza is often closed in July and Moo's at Meeniyan is often closed in August, Prom Country Cheese is closed for both July and August while they're lambing - if you've got your heart set on a something, check opening hours before you come or be willing to be flexible if the weather isn't suitable for your activity or the business you plan to visit is either closed or fully booked already.

Tip 9. Know where you're staying - When I travel I get so much more out of the experience when I know a bit about the destination or location before I arrive. Do you know what's included in your accommodation? (details of our different accommodation: Studio Cabin, One Bedroom Cabins). Do you know how to get here? (Directions here). Have you read our Welcome Book? Have you seen our property map? Have you checked out the photo galleries? Interested in the history? The more you know about your accommodation and the region you are coming to, the better prepared you'll be and the more you'll enjoy your time here.

Tip 10. RELAX! Definately make sure you fit in some relaxation too! Perhaps a massage (Jess from Devine Healing with Jess is based in Yanakie and will come to Promhills for an in-cabin couples or female massage) or make time for a facial at Essential Body Basics in Foster. Disconnect from your device if you feel the need. Breathe in the fresh country air and re-connect with nature, yourself and your partner

I hope these insights have given you something to think about when planning your holiday in Prom Country. I look forward to welcoming you here soon.