Promhills Cabins

Accommodation at Wilsons Promontory

During winter and early spring approximately 40 000 whales travel past Wilsons Promontory on their annual migration. We regularly hear from either guests or locals that whales have been spotted and we jump in the car and head to the best vantage points nearby. There are several lookouts to spot whales - The best are: Glennie Lookout in Wilsons Prom, Pillar Point in Wilsons Prom, Cape Liptrap Lighthouse Lookout, Ned Neale's lookout at Sandy Point and Waratah Bay.

If you're staying at Promhills Cabins when there is a whale sighting, we will be sure to let you know (either in person or via SMS). Be patient whale spotting - they can remain underwater for long periods of time, so you need to stay vigilant and alert for when they surface.


When I filmed the below, I was at Cape Liptrap for about an hour, in that time 3 separate groups of 2-3 whales passed.
(YouTube Link for better resolution

Some whales seen from the Wilsons Prom Cruise