Promhills Cabins

Accommodation at Wilsons Promontory

How should I book?
- Direct via our website - Rates & Availability - best deal guaranteed
- By telephoning 03 5687 1469 (8.30am-7pm). Please leave a message outside these hours and we will get back to you.
- By emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your requested dates and number of people.
- Via an online agent like Airbnb, Stayz etc. NB: you may either pay more or miss out on extras that are only included for direct bookings - the BEST deal is to book direct.

How far in advance should I book? Can I just call in on the day I want to stay?
Book as soon as you know what dates you wish to travel. Popular dates (Christmas, Easter, long weekends, summer school holidays and November to February weekends) are often fully booked months and months in advance. We do not accept "drive-in" guests or same day bookings, bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your intended stay date. Due to our pin code security gates, if you are not pre-booked, you simply can not drive in and such short notice does not allow enough time for the accommodation to be prepared. Ensure you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

How far is it to?
Wilsons Prom Entrance – 5 minutes to the National Park Gate
Fish Creek – 18.5km – 15 minutes
Foster – 23km – 20 minutes
Tidal River – 36km – 30 minutes
Sandy Point – 20.5km – 20 minutes

How long will it take me to get there?
Assuming you travel at the 100km/hr speed limit on country roads, it will take you about 2.5 hours from Melbourne (3 hours from the airport) or 3 hours from Lakes Entrance or just over 1 hour from Phillip Island. NB: GPS systems are not always accurate for this area. Either follow the directions written on your booking confirmation or program your GPS to the centre of the town (Yanakie) and you will come close to us, then look out for the general store. Using our exact address in your satellite navigation system may send you several kilometres off course.

What is your Covid Cancellation Policy?
Now the government has removed Covid isolation requirements, Covid is treated like any other illness or reason for cancelling, standard policy applies and you will need to claim the cancellation costs against your travel insurance policy (NB: we STRONGLY recommend obtaining a travel insurance policy as soon as you make a booking if you wish to be covered in case you need to cancel).

How do I get the keys to my cabin?
We, Sean and Angela - the owners, live on the property. We have contactless check in and check out, so you do not have to come to the office to receive or return your key. After you book, you will be requested to send us your photo ID. Once we receive your identification, we will provide you with a pin code to access the property via our security gates and instructions on how to get your key from a keysafe. We are onsite most of the time and available during waking hours (preferably via SMS), but also welcome you to come to the office if you require.  Check-in is after 2pm, if you let us know a rough ETA we can ensure the lights/heating/cooling are on, as appropriate to the weather and your expected arrival time.

Is there parking?
Every cabin has it's own designated parking spot for 1 car. Once you know where your accommodation and parking spot is, please ensure you only park in the space allocated to your accommodation. There is no parking space onsite (or the ability to turn around) for boats or trailers.

Can I charge my EV (electric vehicle)?
There is a 50kw fast charger located at the Yanakie Hall (300m from our entrance) - many guests order a pizza, from Wilsons Prom Pizza, right accross the road from the EV charger and charge their EV while they await their takeaway meal. We also allow guests staying with us to trickle charge their electric cars using a standard outdoor power point, located at each cabin. To do this, please ensure you have an outdoor extension lead with you of at least 10 metres long and the plug/connector suitable for a standard power point.

Do you do specials?
Our seasonal specials and deals can be found here: Promhills Specials & Deals

Why do you give away free wine & chocolates with every direct booking?
Bookings or enquiries that come to us via a third party (like a travel agent, Stayz, AirBnB etc) cost us up to 30% in commission that we have to pay to the agency you booked with. If you book direct through this website, we do not have this expense so we choose to express our thanks by way of extra inclusions (as well as the best price!). We also like to reward our direct booking guests with priority early check in where possible.  We hope that you choose to book via this website, direct with us, so you can get the best overall value for your stay. NB the free wine/chocolates offer is not valid in conjunction with any other deal/discount/offer.

Are there views?
All of the cabins have amazing 180 degree panoramic views. They all look over farmland to the hills of Wilsons Promontory. The view constantly changes every day as the light and clouds move over the mountains.

What is the weather forecast?
For detailed forecast, have a look here: WindGuru

Is there air conditioning?
Yes, the Studio Cabin and the One Bedroom Cabins all have reverse cycle air conditioning. They also have opening windows, positioned to receive the cool sea breeze and electric blankets for those cooler nights.

Is Yanakie safe?
Absolutely, Yanakie is a small rural village, and it is extremely safe. We do want our guests to feel safe, comfortable and secure here, especially people who are travelling solo. We have pin code access security gates at the front of the property, the pin code changes regularly, so only the people who are supposed to be on the property can get in. We also have CCTV security cameras that monitor the front gate, the entrance driveway, and the office/house area, so we can see who comes/goes from the property (and also the wildlife that passes through! Before we had the cameras installed, we had no idea how regularly wombats, echidnas, bats, owls and occasionally foxes wander up the drive). All CCTV cameras are in plain sight and are not located around any guest accommodation.

Are the alpacas friendly?
Feel free to approach the fences, if they do not want to be touched they will move away. They will probably even pose for your camera. Don't lean too close into their faces or you may get a surprise spit!

Can I go in the paddocks with the alpacas/sheep/cows?
As animals can be unpredictable with strangers, guests are not permitted to go through any fences or gates without either Sean or Angela present.  You can, however, approach the fences and (if the animals permit you to) you can pat them.  If you have any left over bread, the sheep love it as a treat.

Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, we do not accept pets/animals on the property under any circumstances for many reasons, primarily for the safety of your animal (and ours). Due to the close proximity of our alpacas who will sound a threat alarm, chase and harm any pets/animals they are not familiar with, smuggling in your pet/animal will result in your booking being cancelled (without refund). Also, please note pets are not permitted into Wilsons Promontory National Park (fines apply), so to bring your pet on a holiday to this area, you will need to find accommodation where your pet can stay alone if you intend to visit Wilsons Promontory.   

What time is check-in?
Check-in is after 2pm. If your cabin is ready early and you have provided an Australian mobile phone number, we will SMS you as soon as your cabin is ready for you and you may be able to check-in early.  

What time is check-out?
Check-out is strictly before 10am. Late checkout charge is $50 per hour, or part thereof (as that is what we need to pay the cleaner while she waits for you to depart).  The only way to guarantee a late check out is to add another night to your stay.

Is Wifi available?
YES!! FREE wifi is available in all cabins and public areas using your own smart phone, tablet or laptop. The password will be on the table in your accommodation on arrival.  We pay for the highest speed and bandwidth available to us in our rural location, via wireless NBN, but this is still a fair bit slower than most city-dwellers are accustomed to, however, is more than adequate for normal usage.  Please respect other guests on the property and realise that the speed will drop dramatically if multiple people choose to stream video at the same time.  

Is linen provided?
We provide all sheets, pillows and pillow cases, doona with cover, towels, hand towels, face washers, bath matt and tea towel. The queen size bed is made and bathroom set for your arrival, however, our cabins are self contained and not serviced during your stay.  If you are staying for more than 7 nights, we offer a bed linen change and replace bathroom towels mid-stay. Our bed sheets, pillow cases and towels are professionally cleaned by a third party industrial laundry who operates to AS4146 standards, which includes thermal disinfection and bacterial testing. Doona covers are also replaced and washed between every guest using high temperature machine wash, air dry and high temperature steam iron press.

Are the cabins serviced?
No, the cabins are self contained, we do not enter the cabins once you have your key (unless required for an emergency or urgent maintenance issue).

Can I fly my drone?
We do allow drones to be flown around the property, however, not when other guests are on site. If you wish to fly your drone, please check with us, and you can do so once other guests have gone out for the day. We do not allow drones to be flown when other guests are here as they can be seen as an invasion of privacy, and they can be noisy. If you do take drone photography or videos, I'd love it if you'd post some to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram, or email it to me as I love to see what other people capture here.

Can you provide a cot for my baby?
No, our cabins are designed for couples and are not suitable for babies or children. Promhills Cabins property is adults only accommodation

Is there mobile phone service?
Yes, if you are with Telstra or Optus. Vodafone is very patchy and limited. Vodafone will start to work reliably at about Loch (about an hour from us on the way back to Melbourne). If you are with Vodafone don't have service but need to make a call, there is a public telephone booth located out the front of the General Store. Vodafone smart phones can connect to our wifi, so you will not be uncontactable. However, a lot of people choose to 'switch off' while they are here to fully relax!

What are the cooking facilities in the cabins?
Every cabin has a two-burner cook top, an electric BBQ on the verandah, microwave, small fridge/freezer, coffee machine, kettle, toaster. They are stocked with pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.

Is there a laundry?
Not on the property, but Foster has a Laundromat, across the road from the pub. Every cabin does have a washing line to hang and dry your beach towels and swimming gear.

Can I bring/use my CPAP machine?
Absolutely. Every cabin has a power point next to the bed and a power board with multiple outlets under the bed. If you use distilled water in your machine, please bring some with you.

What if I need to cancel?
ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING, either via email, live website chat or via the third party website you booked with.  Refer to your booking confirmation for the full cancellation policy applicable to your booking.  Please ensure you have read and understand the cancellation policy associated with your booking. We are truly sorry if something happens to you that means you need to cancel your booking. Being a small business, cancellations do affect us greatly, so we do need to charge cancellation fees. We can be flexible with the fee if we are able to resell your booking in it's entirety for the same price.  We will have already booked our cleaning staff (who we still need to pay because they will have turned down other work because we booked them that date), we will still have to pay the commission (up to 30% of the booking total) to a third party if that is how you chose to book, we still have to pay the fees associated with your initial credit card payment, and again for any refund, and we spend a considerable amount of time trying to resell the room that we had been holding reserved for you. We open up all online booking channels, we telephone and email anyone who has previously enquired for the same dates, we notify local tourist information centres and if it is a last minute booking that's been cancelled we email/telephone all our local accommodation contacts to alert them of a last minute vacancy, especially if it is a busy time like peak season or a long weekend when most accommodation has been booked out for weeks in advance so they can forward on any last minute enquiries.  We then repeat this notification process in reverse if we resell the room.  Without charging a cancellation fee, we not only have to pay out for these expenses relating to your booking, and spend a great amount of unexpected time trying to resell, but we also loose a good chunk of our family's income/wage for the week.  This is why we STRONGLY recommend travel insurance to cover you for any unforeseen circumstances that mean you may need to cancel your booking. However, we will gladly change the name on a booking. (Booking change admin fee applies). So if you can not make it, please contact your friends and family and see if anyone else would like to come in your place.  You will need to provide photo ID, phone number and email of the people who will be arriving so we can know who to expect and can provide them with access codes (if you cancel, your access code will be deleted/changed.  We will require a copy of replacement guests' photo ID before we provide new access codes).

What is your cancellation/payment policy?
The cancellation/payment policy specific to your booking will depend on how you chose to book. Please check your booking confirmation. If you booked direct with us, the policy can be found here: Promhills Cabins Cancellation Policy. If you chose to book through a third part website or travel agent, you will need to check the confirmation they emailed you when you booked.

What is your privacy policy?
We collect personal information, for example your email address, where you have provided it to us. We will at all times keep your details private and secure. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone.

How many people can stay in a cabin?
All our cabins are designed for couples, they all have one queen size bed and accommodate a maximum of 2 people in each, no additional babies or children permitted. We are legally bound by the conditions of our accommodation providers license which governs the number of people that can stay in each cabin and on the property at any one time so legally we can not exceed this. Arriving with more people than you have booked for (including babies/children) will result in your reservation being instantly cancelled, without refund and everyone in your group will be denied entry and asked to leave immediately. You will then need to seek accommodation elsewhere. We face possibility of large fines and jail time if we exceed our maximum occupancy permits, we are sorry, but we will not break the law to accommodate you if you have falsified your booking and arrive with more people than you have booked for.

What does the Yanakie General Store sell and what are their opening hours?
The shop (just a few minutes walk from your cabin) sells fuel, grocery items, alcohol, daily newspapers, coffee, fishing licenses. They do takeaway fish and chips (fresh locally caught fish) every Thursday night, some weekends and during peak summer season. They are open from 8am. Most of the year they close at 6pm, however, this is extended during busy times, summer (Thursday fish & chip nights, is 7pm close).

Where can I get dinner?
Website links and contact details for the restaurants we recommend and frequent are here: things to do in Prom Country (scroll down to the eating out section).  Wilsons Prom Pizza is a short walk away, they do get very busy during peak times, so pre-ordering is recommended. Alternatively, the Yanakie General Store sells enough food items to self cater or their fish and chips on a Thursday are fantastic!  

If we go out for dinner, should I make a reservation?
Definitely, to avoid disappointment, especially if it is a long weekend, Saturday night or during school holidays.

Where is the best place for a swim?
Norman Bay at Tidal River, Squeaky Beach, Waratah Bay or Sandy Point Surf Beach are great swimming beaches. Waratah Bay is our pick for a swim with gentle rolling waves, (park near the playground/BBQ’s and walk over the boat ramp for easy access).  If you like your waves a bit stronger, Sandy Point is great, and patrolled with lifeguards in summer.  In cold weather, Leongatha’s heated indoor pool is open all year and is 35 minutes drive. Foster and Toora also have great outdoor heated public swimming pools that are open during the summer months.

Do you do gift vouchers?
Sure do! We do gift vouchers for any dollar amount you wish. We can either email your voucher, if you've left it to the last minute, or mail it discretely with area brochures included.

What environmental initiatives do you undertake?
We live amongst such a beautiful natural environment and we endeavour to have a positive impact on it by implementing a range of environmental practises.
- We have installed solar panels which provide electricity to our property, any additional electricity purchased comes from 100% Australian owned company who are a provider of clean, renewable energy
- Our rainwater collection tanks provide water for the cabins and grounds
- Our gardens consist of a variety of local vegetation to encourage native birdlife
- We grow a lot of our own produce (meat and fruit), if you are here in the right season you can pick and enjoy our apples, pears, nectarines, avocados
- We have a glass, tin, paper, plastic recycling program in use
- We collect guest's used soap and donate it to Soap Aid so they can recycle it into new soaps and send it to communities in need
- We use locally sourced products wherever possible
- We use biodegradable cleaning products and consumables in the cabins
- We use energy efficient lighting
- We encourage the use of natural cooling and the cabins are positioned perfectly to receive the sea breeze, reducing the need for air conditioning (although air conditioners are installed in all cabins for those exceptional weather events)
- All our grey water and septic waste is treated onsite
- Washing done onsite is line dried
- Our cabins are self contained and serviced after each stay or mid-stay if you stay longer than 7 days, allowing for a linen/towel reuse program to eliminate unnecessary chemicals entering the environment
- Power points are switched off when cabins are cleaned between guests, so if you find the TV or microwave won't work, check the power point
- We recycle old appliances and furniture by donating them to charity when cabins are refurbished or upgraded

Do you support any charities?
- We collect guest's used soap and donate it to Soap Aid so they can recycle it into new soaps and send it to communities in need
- We regularly support various groups including Royal Children's Hospital, Diabetes Australia, Leukaemia Foundation, Cancer Council, local schools and community groups throughout the year.
- We do regular volunteer work for several non-profit organisations, including Country Fire Authority (CFA), Good Friday Appeal and various local organisations - including the Yanakie Community Association, Yanakie Hall and Recreation Reserve Committee, Wilsons Prom Advisory Board to name just a few.