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Accommodation at Wilsons Promontory

We took a few hours off the other day and hiked out to The Big Drift. This is a massive sand dune close to the entrance to Wilsons Promontory National Park.

The walk starts quite easy, meandering along the park boundary on reasonably flat grassed track. Then you turn left and head UP into the sand dunes (and down the sand dune, and up the next sand dune, and down and up and down and up). Eventually, you come across an AMAZING view of the dunes (pictured below). Scramble down the steep sand and head into the dunes and to the inland lake/dam. It is such a surreal place, feeling like you are on another planet or in the middle of the desert.

The walk is about 4.5km return (plus however far you choose to walk onto the dunes). It is a lesser known walk in Wilsons Prom, but it is certainly spectacular and worth the hike if you have a couple of spare hours. The start of this walk is only a 5 minute drive from your cabin at Promhills (standing on your cabin verandah, you can see the sand hills to the left of the main mountain range).

Directions: Head through the National Park Gate and do an immediate u-turn then hard left into Stockyard Camp. Once inside the camp gate, look to your left and you should see a sign pointing to the track.

The Big Drift has become a very popular Instagram photo location - check out what other people have posted here: Instagram - Big Drift.

Below are some of our favourites: