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Accommodation at Wilsons Promontory

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"Ode to Promhills"
We alighted here, in the hills of Yanakie
A little weary, a little panicky
And came across this marvelous spot –
Cows and ducks – it's got the lot!
And, down the road, the Wilsons Prom
With bigger boulders than where I'm from
Wombats, Emus, Kangaroos
And from every corner, amazing views.
But now it's time to hit the road
And as the memories unload
The lavvy seat won't be forgotten –
That abiding image of a sandy bottom!
B and C - Korora, NSW

We enjoyed the peace, the view, the privacy, the birds and the softest towels ever in a B&B or cabin and The Prom lived up to our expectations. Many thanks for your hospitality. By far, the best place to stay at Wilsons Prom
R and M - London, England

After a meander from Melbourne , it was great stopping the car next to the cabin. The views of Wilsons Prom mountains made us more determined to head there. Wilsons Promontory - first time ever and it took us by surprise at how rugged, beautiful etc it is. Nice, clean, practical cabin. Would we be back for more? YES! We love the heater and the short walk to the general store (great if you want to get more wine etc), friendly hosts. Nice cabin at a nice price!
D and A - Melbourne, VIC

Apparently was a National Park around here somewhere, however, with 6 bottles of red & the finest cheese platter in South Gippsland, we did not see it. A lovely, lazy weekend in all.
G amd G - Clifton Hill, VIC

I decided to stop here by chance, how lucky I was to find Promhills Cabins, such an amazing place! The folks here are extremely friendly and helpful; the room is so liveable and has everything you need. Great shower and great pillows! After hiking all day, Squeaky Beach at sunset was spectacular. I stood in the shallow cool water letting the sand and waves massage my weary feet. All in all it was a magical experience – one day I know I will come back to relive this with my family. So glad I have finally seen Wilsons Promontory, and to have found Promhills Cabins along the way. I will definitely be back!
M - California, USA

We had a great week's stay at Promhills Cabins. Cabin highlights are definitely the toilet seat (Our son aged 4 was fascinated by the seashells). We loved that the cows came so close and we were able to say thanks for our milk at breakfast on the verandah! We enjoyed sun-setting time where the adults got to sit outside and watch the sunset and smell the fresh air. The cabin was clean and comfy with everything we needed. Thanks for a great holiday.
N, S and C - Melbourne, VIC

Promhills Cabins is a fantastic place to be based! Beautiful views from the cabin and we wouldn't have known anyone else was here. Easy drive to the Prom, Foster, Fish Creek. My son thought the place was wonderful and wants to buy "our cabin" so we can come here all the time…. Or maybe even live in our little house. Thank you, highly recommended.
S and R - South Kingsvale, VIC

We arrived and declared it a nude afternoon on the verandah. The afternoon sun was pleasing for the soul, the beer slipped down well. Nothing like a few frosties on a warm afternoon. Great dunny – wow factor 10!
D and L - Melbourne, VIC

We were unfortunate not to stay longer, it's a beautiful location and the cabin is perfect – very comfortable and an amazing view. Let's hope the Lonely Planet Guide doesn't get hold of this place or we'll never be able to get a booking! Thanks for everything, definitely the highlight of our trip so far.
J and S - Singapore

We had never stayed in a cabin before, so were very pleasantly surprised when we arrived. The cabin was so comfortable, neat and private with all the conveniences of home. Loved the location, we had such a wonderful time at Wilsons Prom. We will definitely be back and recommend Promhills Cabins to our friends.
T and E - Pascoe Vale, VIC

We were only planning on staying 2 nights, but after being here 10 minutes already wanted to stay longer and lucky for us, there was a vacancy and we ended up staying for 4 nights. Thank you for making our stay so lovely, warm and clean and for the spectacular views. We will definitely recommend to others, great price too!
E and M - Alice Springs, NT

We stayed for 5 nights and loved every minute of it. Everything was perfect from the moment we checked in (lovely owners) and we are so sad to leave. We have had such amazing weather. It has been a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Sydney . We loved the beautiful location and fantastic nearby bushwalks with some of the most amazing scenery we have ever seen! Thank you so much for a fantastic stay at Promhills Cabins. We will definitely be back soon!
G and A - Miranda, NSW